Why You Need Smoke Detection in Tinton Falls, NJ Right Now

The American Red Cross reports that 890 lives could be saved each year if every home in the country was installed with proper smoke detection. 890 lives. It’s jaw-dropping to say the least, even more astounding when you consider that a home installed with smoke detection is 51% less likely to risk any fire-related deaths.Read More

How Can Our Landscape Lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ Improve Property Value?

Landscape lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ provides an excellent opportunity to make your home a positive investment. Unfortunately, when most people picture landscape lighting at all, they usually imagine either a few minor lighting upgrades or the colorful, over-the-top lighting so closely associated with the holiday season. That’s a shame, because a lack of landscapeRead More

7 Electrical Upgrades In Tinton Falls for Your Home.

The quality of your home’s electricity can have a huge impact on your overall safety. With flickering lights, blown fuses, and nonworking appliances, life in your home could turn into a huge nightmare. You’ll probably spend more time worrying over whether you have working electricity than you will actually relaxing in your home. Not toRead More