5 Tips to Keep Your Winter Outdoor Lighting Working

winter outdoor lighting in New Jersey by Wave Electric

Winter will be here soon, and with it comes plenty of snow. We all know just how beautiful everything can look after a fresh snowfall. However, this winter precipitation can look even more impressive under the glow of your outdoor lighting. Knowing how to take proper care of your outdoor lights this winter can greatly boost your home’s appeal. Take a look at our maintenance tips to learn how to have a beautifully lit home that’ll attract lots of attention this winter.

Here are five maintenance tips for your outdoor lighting this winter:


Keep the lenses clean

Debris like dirt and mineral deposits can block some or all of the light coming from your landscape lighting. You should keep your lights clean by using a nonabrasive cloth and CLR cleaner on the glass. Another potential light blocker is snow, which should be cleared off after heavy snowfall. Snow can be a bigger problem for LED lights, as their reduced heat output (which is normally a good thing) means they can have trouble melting away snow that gets on them.


Watch for moisture problems

It’s common for ice and snow to cause problems with your GFCI outlets. Most of the time, these problems happen when the ice and snow melts and the water trips the outlets. When this happens, push the “reset” button on the tripped outlets and ensure the cover is properly closed. However, if it doesn’t reset or looks damaged, you should call a professional. Outlets and electricity, in general, are very dangerous to work with.


Keep the fixtures well-adjusted

Oftentimes, outdoor lighting fixtures can get misaligned or damaged by wind or accidents during snow removal or landscaping. You’ll want to periodically go through your yard and ensure your fixtures are adjusted properly. You should also be careful about removing snow so you don’t damage your lights. The best way to protect your lights is by preventing accidents. If a company handles your snow removal or landscaping, let them know and consider buying poles or flags to put down to alert them to your lighting.


Check on the bulbs

When it gets very cold, light bulbs can die out quicker. If any bulbs do die out, replace them as soon as you can. Outdoor lighting tends to be a low-voltage system, with each bulb taking a small bit of the voltage. When a bulb dies, the rest of the bulbs have to carry that voltage, reducing their lifespan. It’s also worth noting that landscape lighting tends to wear out faster in the winter due to the longer nights.


Look out for exposed wires

During the winter, the freezing and thawing of the ground can force underground wires upward. If they pop out of the ground, you’ll need to get them reburied before the ground freezes again. For damaged wiring and exposed copper, you’ll need to call a professional electrician.


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