Save Energy with These Holiday Energy Tips!

holiday energy tips in New Jersey by Wave Electric

The holiday season is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to put up the lights and enjoy ourselves. However, the holidays can be a busy time that can easily run up your electricity bill. With the money you’re already spending on presents and food, this can get to be expensive! That’s why we want to offer the gift of knowledge with some holiday energy tips. Our advice can help you make it through the holiday season with a little more money.

Here are five holiday energy tips that’ll help you keep your electricity bill low:


Unplug when you’re on vacation

During the winter, many families like to go on vacation where it’s warmer. However, even when they aren’t on, appliances left at home can use small amounts of electricity. To prevent this, make sure you unplug anything that’s plugged in so electricity doesn’t leak out of them. Also, ensure that your computers and larger appliances are completely turned off. Even in sleep mode computers can put a drain on your energy.


Deck the halls with LED lights

Want to put up lights but don’t want to spend too much on energy? Consider getting LED Christmas lights for your home. These lights use about 10% of the energy used by regular Christmas lights, making them much cheaper. Also, they don’t produce as much heat as regular lights, making them safer to use on Christmas trees.


Be green with your electronic gifts

If you’re shopping for appliances this season, look for products with the Energy Star label. These appliances tend to have some of the best energy-saving technology. Also, consider getting rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. While they cost more up-front, they can save you money in the long run by being reusable. More importantly, you’ll keep batteries that leak toxic chemicals out of our landfills.


Cook efficiently

Planning a big dinner with family and friends? Don’t forget that you likely have plenty of space in your oven for multiple dishes. Ovens use the same amount of energy when cooking, whether it’s a single ham or three different meals.


More bodies, more heat

Having friends and family over is one of the best parts of the season. It gets even better when you realize they can help you with your heating bill. Having lots of guests over means your home will get warmed by their body heat. If you counteract that increase by lowering your thermostat, you can save about 3% off your electric bill for every degree you turn down the thermostat.


Why call Wave Electric Company to handle my electrical needs this holiday season?

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