5 Reasons to Choose Recessed Lighting in New Jersey

recessed lighting in New Jersey by Wave Electric

Lighting may not seem like an important thing to consider when remodeling, but it can affect a lot about how a room looks, works, and is worth. Recessed lighting is a kind of lighting that is implanted in a room’s ceiling to avoid hanging units. They aren’t for every situation, but they can give a sleeker in-home look when done right. Let Wave Electric give you some reasons why you might want to consider recessed lighting in New Jersey for your home.

Here are five reasons to consider recessed lighting in New Jersey for your next remodeling:


Wall washing makes the room look bigger

Wall washing is a lighting effect that casts more light around the room by using the right kind of trim. Properly making use of wall washing requires a professional’s eye and the right kinds of parts. However, if done properly, wall washing can make a room feel bigger and brighter.



Recessed lighting is one of the only kinds of lighting that can stand up to water. Most of the time this won’t be of any importance. However, this feature makes it the only kind of lighting that can go in shower stalls. In addition, the casing is also good at protecting against dust.


Total room coverage

With normal ceiling lights that go in the middle of a room, they can illuminate the middle of the room well. However, as the light goes out to the room’s edges, it starts to fade. With recessed lighting, you can carefully arrange them so that they illuminate the room evenly.


Perennial style

Unlike certain lights, like track or monorail lighting, recessed lighting is effectively trend-proof. These sleek, modern lights have never really been in style. Consequently, this means that they’ll never go out of style.


Great for low ceilings and smaller rooms

Not only can recessed lighting make your rooms look bigger, but it can make them physically bigger. Instead of having a fixture hanging from the ceiling, you have metal light housings installed just above the ceiling line. In rooms where space is at a premium, like basements, getting rid of those hanging fixtures can help you get more room.


Why choose Wave Electric for my next lighting renovation?

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