Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breaker replacement with a lifetime guarantee. When there’s a storm raging outside and the power goes out, do you know what makes that “click” before the lights die out? That’s your circuit breaker, and eventually, that unit may run into issues and not turn right back on. When it comes time to replace your home’s circuit breaker, look no further than Wave Electric Company.

At Wave, we understand that your home’s electrical system is the nervous system of your house, and the circuit breaker is the heart of the unit that keeps your electricity flowing safely. Whether you realize it or not, that appliance is undergoing a tremendous amount of pressure every day, and when it fails, you’ll be stuck in the dark.

What causes a circuit breaker to malfunction?

Circuit breaks can malfunction from a wide variety of issues, though usually after old age or after an exceptionally large power surge. Regardless of how it failed, once your circuit breaker is done for, it’s time to call a professional immediately for replacement because your home’s circuit breaker is an essential safety mechanism in today’s world, with a multitude of responsibilities including:

  • Controlling the power to certain areas of your house
  • Cutting power during overwhelming surges
  • Replacing an old, fuse-driven system

How do I replace an ancient or malfunctioning circuit breaker?

Replacing a circuit breaker is a job best left for the professionals, as working with your home’s electrical system can lead to shocking results if you don’t know what you’re doing. When you hire Wave professionals to replace your circuit breaker, whether it be through old age or complete unit failure, you know you’re hiring the top professionals around to get your electrical grid back up and running.

Why should I hire Wave Electric Company to replace my old circuit breaker?

When you hire Wave Electric Company, you can expect:

  • Professionalism on all levels
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Fair and up-front pricing
  • The quality service a lifetime guarantee offers

Even if your circuit breaker isn’t on the fritz yet, Wave Electric Company technicians are happy to come out to your home for inspections and maintenance. Keeping up with required maintenance will not only keep your home’s circuit breaker efficient for the time being, but also prolong the life of the unit overall, extending the time until you need to replace the unit altogether.

Don’t spend another night in the dark; call Wave Electric Company, your local electrical experts, to have your old circuit breaker replace today.