5 Reasons to Get Generator Repair in New Jersey

Generator installation done by Wave Electric in Tinton Falls, NJ

You might have gotten a backup generator to protect your home from power outages and the surges they create. However, your generator is also an electronic appliance that needs care. To keep your emergency lifeline ready for disaster, you’ll need to keep it repaired. The last thing you want in a heavy storm is to discover that your generator won’t be giving you any electricity. As well as giving it an inspection once or twice a year, you’ll want to look for these signs you need generator repair for your New Jersey property.

Here are five signs you should call for generator repair for your New Jersey property:


General alerts

Since you don’t usually use generators often, it can be tricky to see when something is wrong. Luckily for homeowners, modern generators often come with the ability to run automatic self-tests every week and warn you if there are any problems. If yours doesn’t do automatic tests, test it out yourself and let us know if you need assistance.


Physical damage

Visible damage is an obvious sign that you need to call for repairs. Generators don’t usually show any wear and tear during their first years. However, weather and other accidents can result in your generator being damaged. Even minor-looking damage can result in interior malfunctions, so call us if you see any cracks, dents, water damage, or damaged wiring.


Slow starts

It’s important to ensure your generator doesn’t delay when it starts up. If there’s a delay or it doesn’t start at all, there’s a problem with the engine or battery. Both of these are big problems, but a battery problem is one you want to be fixed as soon as possible, as it can cause further damage to the engine.


Leaking and puddles

Like any major machinery, generators can face complications after long periods of use. Older generators can start to leak fluid or gas, depending on what kind of generator it is. Not only does this hurt the generator’s performance, but it can also cause some serious safety hazards. Let us know as soon as you can if you notice leaks or strange puddles during your inspection.


Damaged components

You should carefully check all of the electrical components when you perform a manual inspection. Getting damaged electronic parts repaired should be a top priority when caring for your generator. Faulty components are capable of denying you electricity when the power goes out.


Why call Wave Electric to keep my generator working?

At Wave Electric Company, we have over 15 years of electrical experience to support our professionalism and expertise in emergency generator installation. Our team of certified experts can install, maintain and repair any aspects of your emergency generator system, and guarantee the system is set up to work seamlessly with your home’s electrical grid when the power goes out. Call us today to schedule your generator repair session!