5 Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection in New Jersey

whole-home surge protection in New Jersey by Wave Electric

Power surges frequently happen in every home, even if you don’t notice them causing power outages. The average home experiences about twenty power surges a day, with about half of them coming from internal sources. You may not notice these short surges, but they’re still capable of wearing down your electronics and wires. If you want to keep your electricity working its best, we suggest installing whole-home surge protection for your New Jersey home. By installing a single unit, whole-home surge protection can greatly extend the life of all your electronics.

Here are five reasons to get whole-home surge protection for your New Jersey home:


Many surges are internal

A good amount of the surges your home will experience comes from your electronics. For instance, a furnace turning on or off can disrupt the steady flow of electricity, causing a surge. You may not notice these tiny surges, but they can still cause damage to your wiring. Whole-home surge protection can keep surges large or small from damaging your electronics.


Complete electrical protection

Whole-home surge protectors protect more than just your appliances. It protects your home’s wiring as well. If one of your appliances creates a surge, a surge protector can divert it to your circuit breaker, where it’ll safely shunt it into the earth. By doing this, your entire electrical system will stay safe.


Keep the lights working

Power surges from your appliances are highly unlikely to cause your lights to go out. However, power surges from the electrical grid can easily take out your lights. With whole-home surge protection, you have a strong first line of defense against surge-induced power outages.


Save money on electrical repairs

The spikes and surges your electrical system can experience will weaken unprotected systems. In fact, very strong surges can even blow your service panels or damage your home’s wiring. By purchasing whole-home surge protection, you can help save money on repairs and replacements for your electronics.


Protect your technology

It’s no secret that we’re adding more electronics and gadgets to our homes every year. As we add to our electronic collections, whole-home surge protection becomes more and more important. Without it, all of your devices are at risk of being damaged by electricity.


What makes Wave Electric my best choice for protecting my electronics?

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