Landscape Lighting

Are you the kind of homeowner or commercial business owner that takes pride in taking care of the land around their property? Then show it off with landscape lighting!

What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is lighting set up around the outside of your home or commercial building to showcase the beauty and effort you put into your structure and the land around it. Proper and tasteful outdoor lighting can offer a distinctive difference between your property and those around it and comes in handy navigating your property after dark.

Examples of landscape lighting include:

  • Spotlights aimed towards distinctive areas of your property
  • Lamps to provide low light and aesthetic value
  • Path lighting
  • Bullet lighting
  • Box lighting, for illuminating large areas

Landscape lighting comes in a variety of forms as well, and the exact need and price requirements of your job will help determine whether or not you should have line voltage, LED, solar or low voltage lights installed on your property.

Why should I consider installing landscape lighting?

The main reason for installing lighting is to showcase the beauty of your property. Dynamic lighting at night can provide a whole new view of your home or commercial building, making it stand out amongst your peers as a space of beauty.

The function isn’t lost in landscape lighting, however. Installing lights around the outside of your home or commercial building help you and others navigate the premises during the night, or may make some outdoor features, such as a pool or deck, accessible after night falls. Additionally, outdoor lighting can add a level of security to your home by allowing you to more easily see people approaching your home, which is a benefit in-and-of-itself. There are also many other reasons to install outdoor lighting– read this blog post to learn more! 

How do I install outdoor lighting?

Like all lighting jobs, landscape lighting can get tricky when setting everything up correctly and safely. Installation of outdoor lighting is best left to the professionals, and we at Wave Electric Company are happy to be your local pros.

At Wave, we love lighting, in-and-outdoors. We’re happy to work with you to help you decide, install and maintain the lighting you want to have to showcase your beautiful property. Besides being your local outdoor lighting professionals, working with Wave has other benefits too, including:

  • Up front and clear pricing
  • Over 25 years of experience in lighting
  • Fully trained and insured technicians
  • The backing of a lifetime guarantee on all Wave electrical work

Don’t wait another day to show off the beauty of your property. Call us at Wave Electric Company to install your landscape lighting today!