7 Electrical Safety Inspection Tips For Fall

electrical emergency and the warning signs that tell you if you're in jeopardy.

An electrical safety inspection will keep any scares and surprises down to a minimum this fall. However, if you neglect your electrical system long enough, your home may indeed become a house of horrors. Damaged outlets and wiring will be waiting to cause the next electrical emergency. Malfunctioning smoke detectors will threaten to send your home up in flames. Even something like battery chargers left plugged in can turn your home into a giant safety hazard. Life during the fall should not be this way, especially when a lack of electrical safety inspection can higher costs on bills and lower property value. With that in mind, you need to take action so you can enjoy the fall without worrying over a single wire or outlet. Taking electrical safety into greater consideration can go a long way in ensuring each member of your household lives comfortably and conveniently throughout the season.

Calling Wave Electric Company for Excellent Service

Wave Electric Co. should be your number-one destination for all things electrical safety. Protecting the well-being of homeowners across the area is the goal of all our electrical services. We don’t want to see anyone suffer due to faulty electrical fixtures. That’s why our team of electricians will be looking out for your safety this fall and be willing to tackle any job if it means you get to live without worry throughout the season. Our top-notch customer service aims to meet your unique electrical needs. We will listen to your every word, answer every question, and conduct any electrical repair so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

7 Helpful Electrical Safety Inspection Tips

While nothing can compare to comprehensive electrical services from Wave Electric Co., it’s also important that you, as a responsible homeowner, do your share when it comes to electrical safety. You may not have the tools or expertise of a professional, but you do have the power to make your home secure. If you do not know how to do just that, here are 7 helpful safety tips from our electricians that you can apply to your home:

  1. Test Your Smoke Detectors: Now here is a scenario you do not want to run into this season—smoke billowing throughout your home in the middle of the night, with a detector that won’t work to wake you and alert you of danger. To prevent this from happening, you need to test your smoke detect to determine if batteries need to be changed or if you need to contact us for smoke detection installation.
  2. Check Wiring and Cords: Some homeowners out there will think it’s totally okay to seal up any damage on wiring or cords with tape and call it a day. That will keep the home safe, right? Wrong. 100% wrong. Any damaged or frayed wiring is means for short circuiting or residential fires. If you want to prevent any significant damage, it is time to call for home rewiring or further inspection from one of our professionals.
  3. Pay Attention to Wattage Requirements: Each of your lighting fixtures is rated by wattage. Any fixtures in your home currently exceeding the wattage requirement for an electrical system should be replaced. Similarly, any lighting with wattage well below the requirement can bring stress to your electrical system. Always keep an eye out for wattage requirements in your home and make sure your fixtures are following them accordingly.
  4. Test Outdoor Safety Lighting: Fires and electrocution are not the only thing you have to worry about this season. You also need to consider the risk of break-ins from intruders. You need to make sure motion sensor lighting, spotlights, pathway lighting, and more is working to the best of their abilities. A well-working electrical system outside your home will give intruders little space to hide.
  5. Check Service Panels: Do you remember the last time you upgraded your service panel? Maybe not, as an electrical service panel can last up to 20 years. The panel could have been last upgraded well before you moved into the house. If you are noticing frequent circuit breaker trips, it may be coming from an old panel that cannot deliver enough electrical power for a modern home. In this case, you need to contact an electrician from Wave Electric Co. for your next installation.
  6. Unplug Chargers: In 2016, battery chargers are a core appliance. They’re essential in supplying electrical power for cell phones, laptops, and so many other appliances we now use to function throughout the day. However, you need to make sure you unplug battery chargers after every use, or else the electricity will still run through the wires. 
  7. Keep a Safe Distance from Fixtures: Any personal belongings and objects need to be kept at a safe distance from electrical fixtures like outlets and running appliances. This is especially true if any of these objects are flammable. Even a minor spark from your outlet can send any surrounding objects up in flames. Don’t leave such a needless safety risk go unchecked and make sure to remove any clutter, if at all. Also keep any children in your household a safe distance away to protect them from danger.

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark This Fall – Have An Electrical Safety Inspection Done Today

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