5 Tips for Installing Whole Home Surge Protection

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5 Tips for Installing Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection will save you from experiencing a power surge. Contrary to what some may think, a power surge is more than just flickering lights. Though they only last a few seconds, it can single-handedly bring major damage to your home’s most essential appliances, including computers and HVAC systems. Imagine using your furnace during the winter, only for a power surge to cause an outage and leave you without any heat during the coldest night of the year. Or imagine losing access to the computer when you are trying to meet a job-related deadline. These situations have a much more realistic chance of happening if you do not install protection. Making matters even more urgent is that a power surge can heighten the chances of electrical fires. During storm season, the possibility of a power surge doubles, and so does the risk of your home having an electrical hazard. Even just one lightning strike will not only compromise the wiring in your home, but also cause sensitive electronics to be damaged as well. These sensitive electronics can be, TV’s, computers, washer/dryer, ovens, home theatre systems, anything with sensitive circuitry. Call Wave Electric Co. to install whole home surge protection as soon as possible and keep your home safe & secure.

Why Should You Call Wave Electric Co.?

Wave Electric Co. should be your first choice in service when you are looking to install whole home surge protection. The safety of our customers is the highest priority with any of our electrical services, and installing surge protection is no exception. Even when you think your home’s appliances are the most durable on the market, there is no such thing as enough protection, especially when a power surge can do enough damage you need to replace them. Our electricians can provide a home safety inspection to determine what areas of your home need the most protection, especially in areas with electrical equipment highly sensitive to the effects of a surge. With our help, you will save more money on electrical repair bills and appliance replacement. But most importantly, you will be able to relax knowing your home is fully protected against any electrical danger.

5 Tips for Whole Home Surge Protection

Before you simply go right ahead and install surge protection, please consider any of the 5 following tips to ensure you are getting surge protection worth every dollar:

1. Consider Your Electrical Needs: Most additions to your home are electronic, including the appliances you use every day like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more. Just remember to follow this simple rule when installing surge protection: the more appliances you have in your home, the more protection you need. This rule will definitely apply if you live with a growing family, where you will have a wider range of electrical needs to meet.

2. Protect Your Home’s Infrastructure: The last thing you want is a power surge damaging wiring and outlets, as it will only greater your home’s chances of experiencing an electrical fire. You need to consider how whole home surge protection can protect you from higher spending on electrical rewiring, which can be expensive and prove time-consuming.

3. Consider Layering Surge Protection: What areas of your home have electrical equipment in need of extra protection? For example, your home office may need extra surge protection due to the fact that it contains appliances like computers which store important data. You also need to consider what appliances need extra protection, especially for big appliances like home theater systems. An easy way to determine this is by assessing what appliances are not insured or cost more than $200 to replace.

4. Research Customer Reviews and Product Recalls: You need to know if the brand or model you have chosen to install is trustworthy. Conduct Internet research on customer reviews and news on product recalls to determine if you are buying dependable surge protection that won’t put your family’s safety at risk.

5. Protect Against Internal Power Surges: According to the NEMA Surge Protection Institute, most power surges occur within the home, even when appliances are shut off. This is usually because there is still residual power in the line that would have otherwise gone to the appliance looking for an exit. Electricity is always looking for the path of least resistance, even if that means bringing damage to the appliance it eventually hits.  Consider how surge protection can prevent this situation from occurring before you install.

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