When It’s Time For a Circuit Breaker Replacement

Replacing your circuit breaker can be an investment in protecting your home and avoiding damage to your appliances. If you ignore your circuit breaker and the warning signs associated with it, you will see a world of problems. This is including flickering lights, poor performance from appliances, damages to essential lights, potential smoke, fire and water damage, and lower property value. No one wants to deal with these problems especially if they can be avoided. So, look for some warning signs when it comes to your circuit breaker, and decide if it is time to replace it.

Why Listen to These Warning Signs from Wave Electric?

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to have a circuit breaker replaced. When you invest with us on your electrical panel, you will enjoy more peace of mind knowing our experts handled your appliances with care. Here at Wave Electric, we care about extending the life of your appliances and maintaining the value of your home. Updated service to your electrical panel and the circuit breaker is a great investment, and our electricians are more than capable of handling those tasks for you. You’ll never realize how much easier life is when all of your electrical appliances are working properly, so allow us to make that improvement for you with our top-notch and high-quality service. Sleep better knowing your home is in better condition with help from Wave Electric Company and learn the signs to better your home.

Burning Scent in the Electrical Panel

If it smells like a burning odor is coming from your panel, that means wires and insulation are overheated. This also means they are failing to protect your home from an electrical short somewhere else. When too much power is drawn through a power cord, overheating can result in a fire. Your home could be severely damaged by the smoke or flame. Make sure you immediately shut off the main power to the house and call an electrician for immediate service on a circuit breaker replacement or repair.

Breakers Constantly Tripping

A circuit breaker will trip when too much power is being drawn through it to protect your household. If a breaker is tripping every time you turn on an appliance like say a microwave or vacuum, the circuit breaker could very well be worn out. There’s nothing more annoying than when your lights keep raising and lowering, and it becomes very distracting. Don’t just try to live with it, instead call an electrician who will determine if it’s just a bad circuit breaker or if you need to add one to your home.

Noticeable Physical Damage

If you see scorch marks around your circuit breaker near an outlet or if your appliances are failing due to melted wires, then you need to call for immediate service. A melted wire is a simple step away from your house burning down. When circuit breakers fail to control the electricity properly, you’ll start seeing more bulbs that constantly burn out or a microwave that barely lasts past its warranty. When overheating occurs, it will cause lasting damage to coils and computer boards. Unplug all fixtures from that circuit breaker and call for an emergency.

Circuit Breaker Will Not Stay Reset

If your circuit breaker won’t stay for any period after several months of resetting it, then the circuit breaker has probably failed. Your stove may bake unevenly or never seem to reach proper temperature. The dryer might shut off mid-cycle or all your kitchen appliances seem like they need to be replaced because of inconsistencies. How annoying is that? Save yourself the money and have an electrician check the entire circuit breaker to make sure no further damage was done to the wiring.

Breaker is Too Old

Circuit breakers were meant to work for decades. However, if your home circuit breaker hasn’t been checked or serviced in the last ten year at least, there a good chance it’s about to fail. The property value of your home will also be affected due to an outdated circuit breaker and an outdated electrical service can result in a hesitation of offers from potential buyers. Anyone and everyone want to purchase a home that is safe and maintained, so think ahead about your home’s future.

Don’t leave your circuit breaker and home at risk and call Wave Electric Company, LLC today for all home electrical improvements!