Tips for Keeping Your Switches and Outlets From Malfunctioning

Service tech working on outlets

Your home’s electrical system needs to provide power without posing a danger to your family or your property. It also needs to deliver sufficient power for you and your family to live comfortably. There are really only two points where you and your family come into contact with your home’s wiring: at switches and outlets. If they are broken or damaged, you may be at risk of electrical burns or shocks. Here are some tips to prevent damages from happening:

Protect Switches and Outlets From Damage

Switches and outlets are designed to protect you and your family from the electrical current they’re connected to. If they’re cracked or damaged, they may not be working properly. You can prevent damages by keeping them uncovered – they shouldn’t be blocked by furniture.

Prevent Electrical Overloads

In addition to damage from physical force, switches and outlets can be damaged by electrical overloads. These occur when a circuit gets too much electrical current. You can prevent electrical overloads by plugging your major appliances directly into a wall outlet. Power strips should be used with caution as they can easily become overloaded.

If you notice any signs of damage to an outlet or switch — warm plates, a burning odor, or a tingling sensation when you touch it — you should have it fixed right away. Wave electric Company will be able to locate and fix the problem.

Two-Pronged Outlets

Older homes tend to have these outlets, as opposed to newer homes that have three. A lot of modern technologies and appliances require three prongs, so it can cause a major inconvenience in your home. As for safety, they lack grounding technology that newer outlets have. This can cause an electrical fire if left to worsen.

How Wave Electric Can Help

Believe it or not, replacing these fixtures involves a fair amount of tricky electrical work. At Wave Electric, our trained and certified wiring experts who will be able to restore your electrical fixtures with ease. Benefits of new outlets and switches include:

  • Improved efficiency of your electrical system
  • Safer wiring and grounding with newer units
  • Easier to use new appliances
  • New units installed up-to-code

For added safety and electrical function in your home, call Wave Electric Company today!