5 Electrical Features Keeping Your Home Safe

Many people don’t realize just how much you’re required to know as a homeowner until they’ve already signed a mortgage and started moving in. If you’ve never owned a home before, it can quickly feel like a full-time job or a test that you can never quite study enough for. Out of all the thingsRead More

Electric Fireplaces in Ocean Township: What You Need To Know

While modern HVAC systems have replaced the humble fireplace as the primary source of heat for the modern American home, it remains a highly sought after commodity due to its comfort and aesthetic-value. Even homes that lack a traditional fireplace are able to get in on the fun with electric fireplaces: space heaters designed toRead More

Dangers of Space Heaters: How to stay Safe and Warm in Fairhaven

As the months grow colder and the days grow shorter, we’re going to be needing a way to keep ourselves warm. Space heaters have enjoyed a boom in popularity in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. They’re small, easily moveable, fairly cheap to operate, and do a good enough job of spot-heatingRead More

How Generators Will Help Through this Winter in Tinton Falls

Winter is well and truly here, and with it comes plummeting temperatures, black ice, and snow: lots and lots of snow. While the white stuff provides a beautiful holiday aesthetic and gives the kiddies some free days off, it also brings power complications, especially here in the Northeast where we’re liable to get absolutely ofRead More

To Buy a Generator with Confidence, Do Your Research 

Want to buy a generator? A generator is a big purchase for a homeowner or a business owner. They can be expensive, and there are multiple types and brands to choose from. For someone who isn’t ready, the process can be a bit overwhelming, especially since these are not inexpensive. There’s a lot riding onRead More

Steps You Can Take to Help Your Automatic Backup Generator Installation Process

A standby automatic backup generator is a great safety addition to any homeowner’s current abode. It ensures your home is protected immediately in case any power outages occur that take your house off the grid. It is also an amazing alternative to the convention portable generator by eliminating all the hassle involved with setting upRead More

Aluminum Wiring – Is It Time For An Upgrade?

If you want to learn more about aluminum wiring, look back to the 1960s. The price of copper increased hugely during this time, forcing contractors to look for ways to save money on new home construction. Aluminum began replacing copper as the primary electrical wiring material, substantially lowering construction costs for new homes. The problemRead More