5 Reasons to Choose a Home Backup Generator Over a Home Battery Backup 

Finding the right backup power source for your home can be a tough investigation. With so many different options in a very abundant market, the everyday consumer can become easily overwhelmed. Any time your home loses power, you’re going to want a power source that can keep the appliances in your house operational, from theRead More

3 Reasons Why Generator Maintenance is Essential

You need to take your car in for an oil change every so often. What happens when you don’t keep up with it? Your engine clogs up with gunk and goo formerly known as oil, and eventually stops running. You need to keep up with maintenance to make sure your car keeps working with you.Read More

What You Need to Know About Your Generac Generator

So you’re the proud new owner of a Generac generator. Let us be the first to congratulate you on your new purchase! Generac products are among the most dependable on the market and your is sure to serve you well in the event of a major power outage emergency. There are, however, a few thingsRead More

Reasons to Get an Emergency Generator Installation

Here at Wave, we’re big proponents of homeowners investing in emergency generator installation.  It pays to be prepared for the worst. With so much of our lives relying on electricity these days, it only makes sense to take steps to make sure the power stays on in your home no matter what. If you’ve everRead More

7 Electrical Emergencies You Need to Know

For some, an electrical emergency is a power outage that prevents the use of electronic devices for an extended period of time. For others, an electrical emergency is an outlet that emits a burning odor or wires that produce smoke. Regardless of what you classify as an electrical emergency, you should know exactly what toRead More

12 Frequently Asked Questions on Electricity by New Homeowners

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician in Colts Neck

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Five Signs That You Need Electrical Outlet Replacement in Rumson

Electricity is one of the most common comforts afforded by modern society. Sadly, improperly maintained electrical systems can put your home in peril of electrical fires and other hazards. Luckily there are plenty of warning signs that you are ready for electrical outlet replacement in your Rumson home. Here’s what you need to be onRead More

10 Tinton Falls Home Electrical Resolutions for the New Year

As the New Year approaches more and more homeowners are resolving to do things that are going to not only help improve the overall efficiency of their home, but that will also make it safer. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 50,000 fires are caused each year by faulty electrical systems in homes.Read More