Signs That Lead to an Electrical Emergency

Electrical safety inspection needed to prevent damaged outlets

A lot of people consider an electrical emergency as a power outage that prevents everyone from using their devices. For others, it’s a much more serious case. Electrical emergencies more have to do with outlets that emit burning odors or wires that have the potential to start a fire. Whichever you consider the latter, an electrical emergency is not something to ignore. That is why it is we here at Wave Electric Company, stress the importance of identifying potential electrical emergencies. Never put you or your family in harms way, so understand the warning signs that can lead to an electrical emergency. This way, you’ll feel more prepared about what to do when something goes wrong and how you can either fix it or how much time you have to call a professional electrician.

What Does Wave Know About Electrical Emergencies?

Electrical hazards can be hard to identify and a lot of people are not so familiar with them. Here at Wave Electric Company, we have experts who can identify these problems for you and are willing to talk 24/7. The lack of knowledge in this field can be damaging to your home and can jeopardize your family’s wellbeing. However, with our well-trained and certified electricians, we can solve any potential problems for you before they happen with immediate emergency service. Maintenance checks become a valuable asset in this department, which is why we take the time to come to your home when needed to solve any potential problems you might have. We’ll explain to you the correct protocol and what we find, that way you are more aware of your surroundings and your electrical system. You can live easy knowing that Wave Electric Company is around to help.

Identifying an Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies are nothing to take for granted. If you take the time to understand what could go wrong, then you will realize how drastic an emergency can really become. When people ignore these types of warning signs then they truly are putting themselves in danger. There’s nothing more important than reducing the chances of an electrical emergency. Identifying problems before they happen can obviously help you in the future, which is why it is so important to remain proactive when it comes to your electrical system. Don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance either because in most cases, potential emergencies are something that should be handled by a professional. A certified electrician will be able to identify any issue for you, so learn more about which signs can lead to an electrical emergency.

Burning Odors

If you notice a burning odor coming from either your cords, electrical outlets, walls, or appliances, don’t ignore it. Even though a lot of appliances you bought recently might have that odd odor smell after being turned on, it shouldn’t last long. Any weird smell coming from an outlet should be attended to right away. Unplug every device connected to an outlet and make sure everyone in the house is aware of the situation. Refrain from using any outlets until an electrician comes in and inspects it. If you notice a burning odor from your breaker panel, reach out to an electrician right away for assistance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your family.

Hot Service Panel

Service panels should never be too hot to touch. That’s the first warning sign of a service panel that is way too hot. There are extremely strong currents moving through your home’s wires. All the wires running through your system are very robust. If you notice changes to your electric panel like browning, warmth, frayed wiring or even dim lighting, there is an issue that requires the attention of an electrician.

Carbon Monoxide

One of the deadliest electrical emergencies a home can deal with, Carbon monoxide poisoning, is silent and invisible. If your home’s appliances happen to be improperly installed, they can leak carbon monoxide and put your life in major jeopardy. Physical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are including blurred vision, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, nausea and general weakness. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to prevent this damaging and life-threatening emergency of occurring. Also, make sure to replace these detectors with new batteries at least once a year. Wave Electric Company now stocks Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors with a no hassle 10 year battery.

Power Outages

Power outages with no explanation can be a cause for concern for electrical emergencies. If your home’s wiring is old, it might be time for a replacement, otherwise, you’re leaving your home at risk. You might be overburdening the system as well with energy eating appliances and other devices throughout your home. Do not just assume that your neighbors are also experiencing similar outages and instead take action. If the problem continues, ask an electrician to come in to check your electrical system.

Stay safe and understand the warning signs for an electrical emergency – call Wave Electric Company today for a Safety Evaluation check!