Questions to Ask Before an Electrical Safety Inspection

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One thing that we can all agree on is when it comes to electricity for our home, it is going to be used all year round. Whether it is the winter or summer season, our electricity is always running. That is why it is important to bring an electrician in to conduct an electrical safety inspection. For a system that works as much as your electricity does, sometimes things can get out of order. When the lights start to flicker or your outdated electrical system starts giving you trouble, it is your responsibility to find an electrician that knows how to protect your electrical appliances. Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be an electrician can be so relied on, so when it is time for an electrical safety inspection, here are a few questions to ask before the procedure.

Why Listen to Wave Electric?

Here at Wave Electric, we care about our customers and listen to their needs when it comes to electrical maintenance. It is important that our electricians conduct proper electrical safety inspections and we always want to make sure that your family and your home is working at its full potential. We have tons of experience here at Wave Electric, where we only include the best services for all of our customers. When it comes to repairs, replacements, or even the smallest details in electrical service, Wave Electric is number one in high-quality and committed service.

Who to Hire for an Electrical Safety Inspection

Hiring the wrong electrician can leave your home in tons of trouble. An inexperienced or unlicensed contractor can do a lot of damage to a home especially if they provide faulty installations or conduct a poor electrical safety inspection. Not only will you be stuck paying more as time goes on for your electricity, but hiring a low-quality electrician can raise a number of safety concerns for you and your family.

1. How many years of experience do you have?

Obviously this is something everyone homeowner wants to know but sometimes refrains from asking because you never want to offend anyone. Regardless, your home matters and even the simplest of questions can go a long way. Though education is certainly important, experience is something that you need to look for when hiring a contractor to do an electrical safety inspection. Experienced professionals not only know how to provide effective solutions, but they also recognize the importance of customer service. By asking the amount of years in experience to a contractor, the better you can determine how qualified they actual are.

2. Are you licensed?

Another simple and very important question. When we are looking for someone to conduct an electrical safety inspection, you want to make sure that he or she has a valid electrical contractor’s license. This proves that the electrician has the necessary training and education to perform an electrical safety inspection. They will be held to a higher standard and means they will perform quality work.

3. Do you offer warranties or rebates?

This question goes unasked a lot of the time because we always feel like once the job is completed we won’t have to worry about another electrical safety inspection for a while. However, if the electrician needs to add new parts or adjustments to your electrical system, then ask the contractor whether those parts, labor, or both are under warranty. If so, find out how long that warranty is effective. An experienced electrician will offer a warranty on their products and services because they are confident in the quality of their work. Why not trust them later on when you’re in need of another electrical safety inspection?

4. Do you have insurance?

In addition to a license, another question you want to ask is whether or not the electrician has a bonding and insurance given the high liability for this type of work. When it comes to maintenance, repairs, or electrical safety inspections, there are many risks associated with hiring an electrician, including faulty work. Though insurance doesn’t necessarily guarantee high-quality work, an uninsured contractor is bound to be less likely to pay for any damage your home may experience because of their poor efforts.

5. What are your service fees?

When it comes to duties nowadays, finding out if there are any additional fees is always a must. Ask about fees that are involved with the process before choosing the right electrician to perform an electrical safety inspection. You don’t want to end up with any surprises after the inspection is completed, even if it is just an inspection. To avoid any unanticipated costs, ask for an estimate regardless of whether or not you see it as just some simple electrical safety inspection.

6. What is your availability?

Well, this is a simple question that is always going to be asked. However, it means more than just finding out when they’re available to schedule an appointment. But when you’re searching for a qualified electrician, you want to make sure the contractor is available to complete the inspection within your timeline. Whether it becomes an emergency or not, you need to make sure the electrician is able to conduct an electrical safety inspection within your time constraints.

7. Do you offer any estimates?

Similar to service fees, asking about estimates even if the contractor is conducting an electrical safety inspection is important. Any quality electrician will provide a cost estimate before they begin any work. In addition to pricing, make sure that you ask what the estimate includes. There could be other costs associated with the inspection, especially if they have to add new products or do any adjustments. Find out if these kinds of procedures are covered by the estimate or if you’re responsible for these yourself.

Feel more prepared when it comes to an electrical safety inspection by using these questions and call Wave Electric today for all electrical services!