All About Outside Landscape Lighting

Outside landscape lighting

Outside Landscape lighting is great for brightening an outdoor living space during the evening and highlighting a visual masterpiece in landscaping. This type of lighting fulfills several purposes and has several benefits.

Purposes of Outside Landscape Lighting

Decoration and Visual Appeal
Whether along the perimeter of a home of a business, well-designed and properly installed landscape lighting can add visual appeal. It highlights landscaping and architecture well.

Security and Safety
Not only does landscape lighting make it easier and safer for people walking around a pool, property of seating area. It also provides security for a property if that lighting is a motion-activated type.

Styles of Lighting Often Used for Landscapes

There are half a dozen different styles of fixtures used for these purposes. Some of the more common types are described here.

Well Lights
The light from these recessed fixtures shines upward to highlight the landscaping or pathways.

Bullet Lights
These are fixtures that shine on the foundation of another chosen area. These are basically miniature spotlights.

Path and Spread Lights
If you want to highlight a walking path in an outdoor space, whether residential or a commercial property path and spread lights are an idea. These shine toward the ground of walkway.

Step Lighting
This type of security light can be placed inside the step or brick itself. This placement ensures that the bulbs point out changes in ground elevation and where steps are to make walking easier in the dark.

Bulb Types for Outside Landscape Lighting

LED bulbs
Light emitting diode (or LED) bulbs typically use less energy than other types of bulbs. They last longer too. These work by combining electrons to create light when the voltage is applied.

Halogen or LED Flood Lights
These are often what people think of when they look for security lighting, but may be used for landscape lighting too, for larger areas.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID)
This kind of bulb is most often associated with the headlights of a car.  They work by sparking an electric arc in a transparent arc tube, filled with noble gas. There are four kinds of HID lights: metal halide, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, or low-pressure sodium. These are long-lasting, but their light may not be as aesthetically pleasing as others.

Installation of Landscape Lighting

For homeowners and business owners who have knowledge of electrical circuits and installation, there are about a dozen steps to p0utting in landscape lighting. If this is outside of your skill set, there are landscape lighting professionals and electricians who can and will install the lights for you.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting on your property is an investment in your home, as any other improvement. Whether you use the outdoor living space more often after lighting is installed, or your intention was to make your home safer, these are two big benefits of installing landscape lighting.

Properly-installed and well-designed lighting can make your home more beautiful, making it more inviting.

Electrical Landscape lighting can make homes stand out, and there are buyers who do a little nighttime house hunting.

Some say that when included with landscaping of plants and trees, lighting can increase a home’s value by 10-20 percent.

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