5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting To Consider This Fall

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Outdoor safety lighting can guard your home from the threat of intruders. Even with the troubling statistic of a home in the United States being broken into every 18 seconds, many homeowners still refuse to update their home’s exterior lighting. This leaves them at a much greater risk of a break-in, especially when it allows any intruders to walk onto your property undetected at night. Plus, a home without any lighting simply isn’t aesthetically pleasing, leaving some of your home’s most beautiful features to disappear come sundown. All of this can make your property value sink to new lows. If you want a safer home this fall, then you should call for lighting upgrades. With your family’s comfort at risk, you should not take any chances in having areas outside the home go unprotected. Even just making one quick phone call to a licensed electrician can go a long way in eliminating the threat of intruders, guaranteeing a better peace of mind this fall.

Why Should You Call Wave Electric Co.?

Wave Electric Co. should be your leading choice for outdoor safety lighting this fall. We can provide you with a wide range of lighting options aimed at meeting any and all safety needs. And to prevent you from spending money on the wrong option, our electricians will be more than willing to work with you in determining what lighting would be perfect for your home. We guarantee your home shines brighter and safer than ever before this season with lighting both attracting potential buyers and warding off any intruders. Even if you think there is no way your home will experience a break-in, it is much better to be safe than sorry, and we’ll make it so your home is well-protected. With lighting always looking out for your best interests, you can enjoy this fall so much more.

What Type of Lighting Should You Install?

If you are unsure of what lighting to install, we are more than happy to lead you down the right path so you get lighting worth every penny. Here are 5 types of outdoor safety lighting you absolutely should consider installing in your home:

  1. Flood Lighting: If you want your entire property lit up at night, your best bet is to install flood lighting. This type of outdoor safety lighting will make your home highly visible at night, meaning intruders will feel less inclined to go anywhere near your property. This lighting will give them little space to hide, even casting light on common hiding spaces like trees and shrubbery. Even better, flood lighting can do wonders for home aesthetic, providing light to some of your property’s most beautiful features.
  2. Spotlights: If you are only looking to cast light on one particular area of your home, spotlights may prove a better choice than flood lighting. For example, if your backyard area is currently lacking proper lighting, it could be the prime spot for an intruder to enter your home if a break-in were to occur. Many intruders will try the back first as they believe that part of the house will not be as lit, but spotlights in the back can prevent them from doing so. It will detect them immediately and make them less likely to enter.
  3. Motion Sensors: Motion sensors are one of the most effective safety lighting break-in deterrents. Since they flash on immediately once they detect motion, they will scare away intruders who are trying to walk about your property, without causing a ruckus. Motion sensors work best mounted close to the house as you don’t want every car that passes by to set them off. This will require an intruder to have to come closer to the home than they prefer and potentially leaving them in a difficult position to escape once the lights go off.
  4. Pathway/Driveway Lighting: The front of your home, namely porches and doorways, need to be protected as well. One of the most effective means of protection is by installing pathway and driveway lighting. Though this type of lighting is primarily considered decorative, and it certainly can add to home aesthetic, it does offer its own safety benefits. It can create a brightly lit path for nights where you need to leave your home in the event of an emergency, ensuring you do not trip over anything and get injured. Plus, they make your home all that much more pleasing, providing the perfect amount of lighting to welcome you back home
  5. Outdoor Hanging Lights: In addition to any lighting you need for your home’s pathway and driveway, outdoor hanging lights will cast light on front doors to make it less likely that an intruder will enter through there. They also do an incredible job of highlighting your home’s aesthetic, casting new light on the overlooked features of your home’s architecture. It will so much to make your home truly stand out.

Don’t Find Yourself Stuck In The Dark This Fall – Get Outdoor Safety Lighting Installed Today

Contact Wave Electric Co. today if you need want better security for your home this season thanks to outdoor safety lighting!

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