Why You Need Smoke Detection in Tinton Falls, NJ Right Now

hardwired smoke detectors in New Jersey by Wave Electric

The American Red Cross reports that 890 lives could be saved each year if every home in the country was installed with proper smoke detection. 890 lives. It’s jaw-dropping to say the least, even more astounding when you consider that a home installed with smoke detection is 51% less likely to risk any fire-related deaths. The sad part though is that many homeowners will continue to live in their home without any fire safety precautions. If you’re one of them, you need to change your ways and install smoke detection in Tinton Falls, NJ right away.

All you need to do is make a quick call to Wave Electric Co. and we’ll provide you with a modern, long-lasting smoke detector designed to keep your home safe. Our detectors pick up on the smallest traces of smoke, even when you’re totally unaware that there’s smoke in your home at all. The safety of our customers is always the top priority, and that’s why we’re available to provide you with smoke detection in Tinton Falls, NJ at any time. When it comes to keeping you secure, we’ll go to any length to ensure it!

Smoke Detection in Tinton Falls, NJ: How Can It Help You?

To just say smoke detection, well, detects smoke minimizes its importance somewhat. If you call Wave Electric Co. now, you can receive smoke detection that can provide you:

  • Quick Detection: Let’s say you burnt dinner and smoke is billowing from the oven. Unfortunate, but our smoke detection will alert you immediately of any danger. Quick detection means you can take the steps necessary in fixing the situation whether it be opening a window or, for those really bad cooking mishaps, calling the fire department.
  • Loud, Distinguishable Alerts: Sure, the sound of a smoke alarm won’t be too kind to your ear drums, but that noise can save your life. For any fire-related emergencies late at night when everyone is asleep, smoke detection will wake you up and allow you to evacuate safely. No matter what time, or what you’re doing, smoke detection will make its presence known.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Smoke detection can provide you with protection for a long time. That’s years without you worrying about anyone’s safety in your household. You will be able to stay at a better peace of mind knowing you have a detector looking out for everyone’s well-being.

Contact Wave Electric Co. today to learn more about smoke detection in Tinton Falls, NJ and our electricians will gladly install one in your home!