How Landscape Lighting Helps to Keep You Safe

outdoor lighting in New Jersey from Wave Electric

Outdoor and landscape lighting is an extremely useful tool year round. You may think that they are strictly beneficial in adding curb appeal to your home, but did you know that they give you added security as well? If you already have them working around your home, or you are considering an installation, here are some of the ways that they can benefit you:

  • Exterior lights. What do you do if you hear something outside, but you’re not sure exactly where it is? Usually, you have to walk around your home switching on your porch light, backdoor light and other lights one by one — giving whatever is out there plenty of time to run away. However, if you have one-switch exterior lights installed, then all you have to do is flip one single switch for all your lights to come on simultaneously!
  • Sensor-activated driveway lights. Sensor-activated lights are a great addition to any home. As soon as anything moves in the path of the sensor, it will signal the light to turn on. Any critter or creature passing by will be illuminated and scared off.This also has the added bonus of providing invited guests with sufficient lights when they visit your home in the evenings.
  • Sensor-activated porch lights. The same system can be put to work on your porch. If anything or anyone comes up to your porch, the sensor will be tripped and they will be spooked away.
  • Timers. Do you want your floodlights to activate at the same time every day, even when you’re not home? With preset timers, you can schedule when you want your outdoor lights to turn on and off. Some models can even be controlled remotely with your smartphone.

Why Choose Wave Electric?

Like all lighting jobs, landscape lighting can get tricky when setting everything up correctly and safely. Installation of landscape lighting is best left to the professionals, and we at Wave Electric Company are happy to be your local pros.

At Wave Electric, we love lighting, in-and-outdoors. We’re happy to work with you to help you decide, install and maintain the lighting you want to have to showcase your beautiful property. Besides being your local landscape lighting professionals, working with Wave has other benefits too, including:

  • Up front and clear pricing
  • Over 15 years of experience in lighting
  • Fully trained and insured technicians
  • A backing of a lifetime guarantee on all Wave electrical work

For all of your outdoor lighting needs, call Wave Electric Company. We’re ready to help!