How Generators Will Help Through this Winter in Tinton Falls

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Winter is well and truly here, and with it comes plummeting temperatures, black ice, and snow: lots and lots of snow. While the white stuff provides a beautiful holiday aesthetic and gives the kiddies some free days off, it also brings power complications, especially here in the Northeast where we’re liable to get absolutely of the stuff before the season has run its course. You don’t need us to tell you why losing power in a snowstorm is less than ideal, but what we can tell you about how backup generators can come in clutch during the cold months ahead in Tinton Falls.

Keep The Lights (and the Heat)  On

Obviously, a backup generator will keep your home powered during the event of a damaging storm. Keeping the power means keeping the heat, which is critical during a bitterly cold winter storm. And in the 21st century, power is extremely important to not just comfort, but basic safety. An uncharged cell phone cannot stream Netflix, but it also cannot call 911 in the event of an emergency. 

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Any plumber will tell you: frozen pipes are an icy nightmare. One of the worst things that can happen to your plumbing system, a frozen and subsequently burst pipe will put a damper on even the jolliest holiday gathering. Thankfully, a generator can save you the headache and the repair costs. In the event of an extended power outage, a generator will keep your home warm enough that the pipes do not freeze. 

Avoid using Dangerous Lighting Sources

Many people enjoy lighting up a candle or two for some ambience or fragrance in the home. The situation becomes a lot more perilous when open flame becomes your only way to light your home in a power outage. The more candles in a home, the more likely it becomes that something goes awry. A power-killing snowstorm is bad, but a candle-caused house fire is even worse. A generator will keep your home safely lit and eliminate the need for candles as a light source. 

Ultimately, a backup generator will serve you and your home well during the winter months by providing safety and general peace of mind when the weather becomes unruly. Generator size and functionally vary greatly across the market, and you should speak with a licensed electrician before making any purchases to ensure that you purchase the right generator for your needs. 

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