How Do You Charge Electric Cars At Home?

charging electric cars at home

Just like making lunch at home rather than eating out, charging your electric vehicle, or EV, at home is the most cost-effective way to charge. Not only is it cost-effective, but charging at home is just simply more convenient, especially when charging your car can take much longer than filling up at the gas station. Considering those two factors, it makes sense to charge at home. But how should you charge electric cars at home?

What you need to know about charging your EV at home

Charging your electric car at home can be a stressful process as you need to consider qualified contractors and make sure your home is equipped with the proper equipment. Here’s what you need to know about charging your EV at home.

Level 1 EV charging

Level 1 charging is the most readily available option for electric car owners. However, it’s also the most time-consuming. Level 1 charging can be done through most regular household outlets as long as there are no other appliances plugged into the outlet. 

Level 1 charging can take over 24 hours to charge your electric car due to the design of these outlets. These outlets are typically 120-volt which cannot deliver the power necessary to charge your electric car quickly.

Level 2 EV charging

If you’re looking to charge your car overnight, or even if you just need to top off, a level 2 charging station is what you are looking for. Level 2 charging stations can give you over 80% of your car’s charge in roughly 4-5 hours. Level 2 charging stations are 240-volt which can deliver much more electricity than 120-volt outlets. These charging stations are typically connected directly to your home’s electrical panel but can be installed in most places where you would park your car. Just ask us about it when receiving your quote! This is the type of charger you should ask for if you want to charge electric cars at home.

Level 3 EV charging

Level 3 charging stations are typically unfit for most homes as their electrical infrastructure cannot handle the amount of power needed. These are the same quick-charging stations you will see at gas stations, rest stops, and other public places. 

If you are interested in installing an electric car charging station and want a qualified, licensed, and experienced electric vehicle charging station contractor, call Wave Electric today! Don’t forget to check out our reviews!