Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting

Holiday Lights Shine Bright Thanks to Electrical Troubleshooting

If you wish to enjoy the winter season without unnecessary stress, electrical troubleshooting should be atop your to-do list. This time of year, homeowners may find themselves caught up in all the snow, but your home’s electrical needs should still remain a priority. Unfortunately, electrical problems won’t stop simply because we’re in a time known for peace and joy. You may still encounter problems like flickering lights, outdated outlets, and even faulty holiday lighting. Electrical issues may be even more inconvenient when hosting guests! Don’t let flickering lights and outdated outlets put a damper on your plans this year! Even if you’re not expecting any guests, your joy may be interrupted by a series of electrical problems as well as costly repairs. Faulty electricity may see that you spend more on electrical bills, which will come into conflict with your plans to gift your family all they deserve. A lack of troubleshooting on your electrical system will also put your safety at risk, heightening your chances of an electric fire or shock. Your winter season should be all about spending time with family and binging on great food! So, let Wave Electric help you create happy memories this winter season by helping you maintain your home’s electrical system.

Why You Should Call Wave Electric Co.

Fortunately, Wave Electric Co. is here to provide you with high-quality electrical troubleshooting services that will ensure you maintain your seasonal tasks. Here at Wave Electric, we take pride in our work, and consistently go the extra mile for our customers. It is for this reason that we offer a wide range of electrical services, guaranteed to meet your every need. We’ll troubleshoot any area of your electrical system to ensure it continues to work safely and effectively. It could be difficult to relax during the winter if you’re constantly worrying about your electricity working properly. Wave Electric will give you a greater insight into your electrical system, so you’ll know what to do next time a problem arises. By being proactive with your electrical system before the cold months begin, you can ensure this season remains peaceful. You’ll avoid power surges, fires, electrical shock, and so much more with quick phone call our way. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy what really matters: spending quality time with your family and friends.

6 Troubleshooting Tips for the Winter

If you’re not sure what direction to take with your electrical system this season, please take note of the following 6 tips.

  1. Inspect Lighting: That lighting decorating your home’s exterior may look pleasant, but it’s important to give the wiring a closer look.Home fires due to faulty lighting are all too common, and you need to inspect yours to ensure your home doesn’t suffer a similar fate. Be on lookout for any frayed wiring that could easily lead to a fire. Keep in mind it is of equal importance to inspect extension cords for any wear and tear.
  2. Upgrade Outlets: If you own an older home, you may be still be equipped with two-prong outlets. With simple appliances, these may seem to get the job done, but ultimately, you may find that these outlets are unfit to meet the modern electrical demands of your home. In addition to their inconvenience, two-prong outlets are also a safety risk, and could easily lead to a fire. Call your local electric company to replace them ASAP. Your home should have three-prong electrical outlets instead, as they’ll be more capable in providing high-quality performance, will reduce any safety risks associated with your current outlets, and last longer.
  3. Install Additional Outlets: While power strips are handy to add additional outlets, they can unknowingly become overloaded. It is for this reason that power strips are considered a leading cause of electrical house fires. If you’re finding you have plenty of appliances, but not enough outlets, it may be time to make additions.  Contact your local electrician to evaluate your home for additional outlets to see how many you will need and where you will need them.
  4. Install GFCI Outlets: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is one of the most important fixtures to add to your home. It will successfully prevent electrical shock, especially in areas where water is more likely to mix with electricity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Make this a must-have for the winter in order to maintain your family’s safety.
  5. Install Whole Home Surge Protection: Power surges can damage electronics and appliances, and even start a fire. To prevent a power surge, you should definitely consider whole home surge protection. This protection will allow power to stay on during any storm or electrical issue, and will last long after the holidays have ended. This service is a huge money saver, as it prevents damage to your outlets and appliances.
  6. Know When to Call Wave: If you encounter an electrical problem that is entirely out of your control, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. You may wind up damaging the electrical system more than helping it. Worse, you may even injure yourself! Always rely on Wave Electric Co. for any difficult issue. Knowing when to call a professional will ensure your safety, as well as a timely and reliable repair to any complex electrical issues.


Keep Your Family Safe This Season With Wave Electric’s Electrical Troubleshooting Services!

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