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New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Wave Electric was contacted by a homeowner to do a New Construction Wiring project in Holmdel New Jersey. The client’s home was destroyed in a fire a few months prior. As a result of the difficult situation, we made sure to provide a quick response time and various options for services and products based on the client’s needs and budget. The end result was phenomenal and this Holmdel customer couldn’t have been happier.

Holmdel, NJ New Construction Wiring Services

For this project, we were able to address and complete all the necessary electrical services in a professional and timely manner. 

Our services included:

New Construction Electrical Wiring Design

Designing the electrical wiring for the home involved several steps, starting with a consultation with the homeowner to understand their needs and preferences. We then calculated the electrical load, planned circuits, created a wiring layout, and ensured compliance with the  electrical codes in Holmdel, New Jersey

New Construction Electrical Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Getting Started

Holmdel, NJ New Construction Electrical Wiring Process

The electrical wiring installation process typically begins by running wires through the walls, ceilings, and floors of the home to connect the electrical panel to all of the outlets, switches, and fixtures.

Electrical Wiring - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Electrical Wiring


Finally, we did a process called undergrounding to move all overhead power lines underground. This process improves the safety and aesthetics of the home and can help prevent power outages during storms. We also designed and installed a custom electrical plan that met the client’s needs and budget.

Undergrounding - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric


Outdoor Lighting

For the outdoor lighting, we selected and installed the appropriate fixtures and wiring for the desired lighting effect, which included porch lights, landscape lighting, and security lighting. The client also requested low-voltage lighting, spotlights, and landscape lighting to illuminate the home and yard. We also ran wiring to the patio to install lighting, a television, a grill, and a ceiling fan. This allows our client to enjoy warm NJ nights all summer long, and the security lights will keep their family safe.

New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Outdoor Lighting - Wave Electric

Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

For the Indoor lighting, we assessed the client’s needs and preferences and provided a comprehensive lighting plan to achieve their desired effect. This included selecting appropriate fixtures, installing dimmer switches, and designing custom lighting layouts for each room. We also installed low-voltage lighting and spotlights to highlight artwork, decor, and architectural features and created ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you need indoor lighting installed that fits the aesthetic of your home, give Wave Electric a call.

New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - New Jersey Home Office

Home Office

New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Modern Bedroom - Wave Electric




Kitchen Wiring - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Indoor Lighting

Recessed Lighting

This Holmdel client chose recessed lighting that provided a modern and streamlined look to the home, emphasizing its other features. Once the wiring was in place, we could begin the installation of the lighting fixtures. To do this, we first cut holes in the ceiling and installed the fixtures so that they would sit flush with the surface. In Holmdel New Jersey this type of lighting is very popular in newer homes.

Stair Case Showing The Ceiling - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Holmdel New Jersey



Recessed Lighting - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Recessed Lighting

Ceiling Fan Installation

The summer weather can get really hot in Holmdel New Jersey, so to cool down the home in the warmer months, we installed ceiling fans in the home. The customer requested fans that maintained the modern look of their home, and we helped them choose a style that best suited their needs. Ceiling fan installation involves mounting the fan to the ceiling and connecting the electrical wiring, which is popular in bedrooms and living areas.

New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wiring Ceiling Fan - Wave Electric

Patio With Ceiling Fan, TV & Grill Installed

Smoke Detector Installation

We then installed a smoke detection system. The home was equipped with a reliable and functioning system for their Holmdel, New Jersey home. Smoke detection installation involves installing smoke detectors in appropriate areas of the home, such as bedrooms, hallways, and living areas. The New Jersey Uniform Fire code requires smoke detectors in every sleeping area and on every level of the home.

Service Panel Installation

We also installed a new service panel, which is the central point for all electrical power distribution throughout the home. The service panel installation involved disconnecting the old panel and installing a new one that met the client’s electrical needs and local code requirements. We also made sure that the panel had enough space for additional circuits in case the client needed them in the future.

Service Panel - New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey - Wave Electric

Service Panel

Holmdel, New Jersey New Construction Wiring Electrical Contractor

In conclusion, the complete home wiring project we completed in Holmdel, New Jersey, was a success. Our team provided professional and timely services, and the client was happy with the outcome. Our services, which included new construction electrical wiring, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling fan installation, smoke detection installation, service panel installation, undergrounding, and design, improved the safety and functionality of the home.

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