Electrician In Middletown NJ

Are you looking for an electrician in Middletown, NJ? Wave Electric Company is a full service, licensed and insured Middletown Electrical Contractor. With over 25 years of experience providing professional electrical services to Middletown residents, Wave Electric has built a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Back-Up Generators Middletown NJ

Emergency generator installation from Wave Electric is the best way to handle power outages in Monmouth County. Home generators serve as a back-up electrical system that turns on automatically during a power outage of any type. During Super Storm Sandy most Monmouth County residents had access to natural gas for cooking and hot water but had no electricity.

A permanently installed and natural gas fed generator could have meant that the power and heating system may have never gone down. Unfortunately, homeowners using portable generators found gasoline in short supply and very inconvenient. Stationary generator sales, installation, and maintenance service for Middletown NJ is just a phone call away. Call today to discuss your backup electrical needs 732-380-4392 and a no-obligation price quote.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Middletown NJ

Increased electrical demand from computers, gaming systems, and numerous small appliance chargers have increased homeowner electrical demands. Homes built just 25 years ago may be in need of an electrical panel upgrade and additional convenience outlets.

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Adding Circuit Breakers and Replacing Circuit Breakers

Adding more electrical convenience outlets and maybe an additional circuit breaker or two is a great way to bring your home electrical system up to your required level of service. If your panel box is already maxed out a panel upgrade may be required. Blinking lights, dimming lights, an occasional pop or burning smell are all signs of a bad circuit breaker that needs replacing. The professionals at Wave are the right choice for a Middletown Electrician to evaluate your home electrical system and provide panel box replacement if needed and a circuit breaker installation.

Electrical Surge Suppression Middletown NJ

A power surge from a lightning strike or utility mishap can travel through any wire into a residential home or commercial business location, leaving appliances and electronic equipment damaged and unusable. A common misconception is that home and business owners can protect their appliances or equipment by simply plugging into a power strip. Surge protective strips alone are not enough to prevent damage from power spikes.

To provide reliable surge protection the use of a whole-house surge suppression system is required. The determination of the correct surge protection device for home or commercial building is best left to a properly trained electrical professional. Wave Electric can help you in determining the correct surge protection device for your electrical usage and desired protection level. Professional surge suppression device installation is available for home and business owners in all of Monmouth County, Northern Ocean, and Southern Middlesex Counties.

Wave Electric Company is a leading electrician in Middletown, Nj. The town is home to about 70,000 year-round residents. This portion of Monmouth County is a long-time home and office location of Wave Electric Company, LLC.

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