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Are you looking for an electrician in Shrewsbury, NJ? Wave Electric Company provides Shrewsbury New Jersey with outstanding residential and commercial electrical contractor services. Wave has been a customer service focused Monmouth County Electrical Contractor for over 25 years. Call Wave Electric today for any type of emergency commercial or residential electrical repair, electric panel upgrade, emergency generator installation, ceiling fan or swimming pool electric installation.

Electrician in Shrewsbury NJ 07702

As a Shrewsbury Electrician Wave has earned a reputation for attention to detail and outstanding customer service. The Shrewsbury electricians at Wave Electric are always available in case of the need for emergency electrical repairs. We know that there is really no such thing as a minor electrical emergency in your home. The safety issues that a malfunctioning electrical system in your poses can not be overstated.

The professional team at Wave takes the opportunity and responsibility of being your electrical services provider very seriously. The safety of our clients and their families is at the top of the service list.

Electrical Surge Suppression Shrewsbury NJ 07702

The first step in protecting your home from an electrical surge is to determine which surge protection device best fits your needs. An electrical power surge can be caused by external forces outside of your home such as a lightning strike or a transformer malfunction. Many people don’t realize that they can also be caused internally from the cycling of a cooling compressor in your air conditioning system or refrigerator. The trained professionals at Wave Electric can help you wade through the surge protection options and select the correct device for your desired protection level. Surge suppression device installation is available for home and business owners in Shrewsbury and throughout Monmouth County.

Residential Electrical Services Shrewsbury NJ

The professionals at Wave can handle any type of home electrical repair, electric service upgrade or device installation. As a licensed Monmouth County electrician we have high standards and always stress customer safety and satisfaction in everything we do. Attention to detail is probably the number one attribute that separates Wave Electric Company from other Shrewsbury electrical contractors. Call us for immediate or emergency electrical service or email us for a quote on the wiring of your new home, additional wiring, ceiling fan or electric for your new pool.

Commercial Electric Services Shrewsbury NJ

Retail stores, medical facilities, restaurants, and convenience stores all have special electrical equipment and service needs. What they all have in common when an electrical need arises is a desire for a fast response and professional service. Whether your electrical need is emergency in nature or in the planning stages for a new backup power generator, Wave Electric Company should be your first phone call.

Commercial electric services can require a higher level of electrical knowledge and skills. The trained professionals at Wave can handle complex repairs, electrical troubleshooting, and new commercial electric design and construction. Wave Electric has experience working on commercial projects that require advanced electrical skills that not every Shrewsbury electrical contractor possesses. Working with the experienced electricians at Wave can help you get any institutional, industrial or retail electric work completed correctly and done on time, guaranteed. The experienced Electrical Team at Wave has the knowledge to tackle the toughest commercial electrician challenges.

Call us today to get the best electrical services in Shrewsbury!