Electrician In Holmdel, NJ

Are you looking for an electrician in Holmdel, NJ? The Holmdel New Jersey Electricians at Wave Electric Company are trained and qualified to provide residential and commercial electrical services of all types. As licensed and insured Electrical Contractors with over 15 years of experience serving Monmouth County, Wave Electric has built a reputation for great service to both residential and commercial customers. For electrical installations and electrical repairs of every kind, including surge protection, back up power generators, outdoor lighting, and many other services, Wave Electric Company is the right call.

Electric Service for Swimming Pools Holmdel, NJ 

Wave Electric has over 25 years of experience installing electrical service for swimming pools, hot tubs and even fish ponds in Holmdel New Jersey. The chance of electrical shock or worse is increased around pools and spas because of the highly conductive nature of water and some of the construction materials used in pool building. For this reason, there are numerous procedures that must be followed in order to pass electrical codes during pool and spa electric installations. Older installation may require an upgrade at this time to bring the service in line with today’s safety codes. Call Wave Electric for all of your outdoor electrical needs and let our professionals safely connect your pools, spa, and outdoor lighting.

  • Swimming Pool Pump Receptacle
  • GFI Protection 07733
  • Maximum Cord Length
  • Weatherproof Receptacle Cover
  • Conduit Depth Convenience Receptacle
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Rigid Metal Conduits
  • PVC Conduits 07733
  • Bonding for Pools 07733

Surge Suppression Systems Installation Holmdel, NJ

Electrical utility malfunctions and electrical storms are situations that you can not control. What you can do is be prepared when an electrical spike does happen. An electrical surge can do some major damage to appliances, electronics, equipment, and other plugged-in devices if not properly protected.

A surge suppressor can divert excessive electrical energy away from sensitive appliances or electronics so they are not damaged. A common misconception about surge protection is that home and business owners can protect their electronics and equipment by plugging into a power strip. Surge protective strips alone are not enough to prevent damage from power spikes. By having Wave Electric install a panel-mounted surge protector at your main electrical panel, you are able to safeguard your electrical system and all connected appliances and devices from power surges. Wave Electric can help you in determining the proper surge protection device for your residential or commercial electrical usage and desired protection level.

  • Landscape Lighting 07733
  • Dock Power & Lighting
  • Code Corrections
  • Home Inspection Repairs
  • Interior Lighting 07733
  • Smoke Detectors 07733
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • New Construction
  • Old Construction

Emergency Generators Holmdel NJ 07733

Electrical generator systems for your Monmouth County home professionally installed and serviced by Wave Electric Company. Home generators are designed to provide emergency power in times of power outages from storms, utility failure, equipment malfunctions, and other unforeseen situations. Stand-by emergency generators can not only keep the lights on if properly sized for your home electric needs that can provide power to run refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, computers, and all other electric consuming devices.

Stationery home generators require the service of a professional licensed Monmouth County electrician for installation. Your generator should be connected to your home wiring system through an automatic transfer switch. Stationery generators can come with an automatic power monitoring system. As soon as there is a disruption in the power supply from the grid, your generator will automatically start to provide electricity. It will shut down automatically after normal power is restored. Call Wave Electric today to discuss your emergency power needs.

Electrical Repairs Holmdel New Jersey

As a leading electrician in Holmdel, Wave Electric Company can expertly handle all types of electrical repair, replacement, and new wiring installations. Electrical troubleshooting for problems with your existing wiring, breakers, outlets, dimmers, electrical switches, and emergency repairs is all in days work for the Wave team. Any time you need a professional Holmdel electrical repair contractor just give us a call.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Holmdel NJ

Increased demand for electricity from computers, gaming systems, and numerous battery charging devices means more outlets, more switches, more breakers and probably an upgraded panel box may be required. Demand for home electricity shows no signs of slowing down. Residential housing just 25 years old may be deficient in supplying the electrical needs of today’s modern family. Give Wave Electric Company a call today for an in the home electrical evaluation of your current system and expert recommendations for added convenience and up to date safety precautions.

When you need an electrician in Holmdel that you can trust, call Wave Electric Company!