Electric Vehicle Chargers

Here at Wave Electric Company, we always have the environment in mind. Electric cars are a step in the right direction for the planet, so we decided that we should be helping somehow. To benefit those who drive electric or hybrid vehicles, we service electric vehicle chargers.

Electric Vehicle Chargers: Station Levels

Level One: This is the slowest form of charging. This method uses a plug to connect to an on-board charger from the charging station. Level one charging uses a 120-volt current. This is the same current-voltage that is found in standard household outlets, and it can be charged using the equipment that comes with most electronic vehicles. If you are looking to set this up in your home garage or outside of your office, you may just need a small electrical upgrade. These level models have low installation costs and impact on peak charges.

Level Two: This level of charging can be used at home, at the office, and even on commercial properties. They use 240-volt currents to all for faster charging. For any model that’s considered to be a level 2, you will need professional installation. Because they require a higher voltage power, only an experienced professional should handle them. Installation costs are higher than level one, but they charge much faster and are more energy-efficient.

Level Three: This level is restricted for commercial properties only.  They convert high voltage power into DC power, which drastically cuts charging time. Different models have different requirements and restrictions. Installation and equipment are much costlier than level one and two, and there is a charge increase for peak demand. Unless you have a commercial property, this model isn’t useful or efficient.

Why Choose Wave Electric Company?

When you need electrical service, Wave Electric Company can offer you:

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To keep chargers working in good condition for your electric or hybrid vehicles, call Wave Electric Company today!