Common Electrical Problems You May Experience Before Winter Ends

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While the winter brings much cold weather, it also brings the potential problems. Winter often brings freezing rain, sleet and snow causing issues. In some cases, these problems are not always electrical in nature.

When maintaining your home, one of the main areas to monitor is its electrical system. Noticing issues before they become a problem can help prevent costly repairs and uncomfortable conditions. Often accompanied by cold and precipitous conditions, there are several common issues that can occur during the winter. Learn about common electrical problems and prepare your home in advance for the winter months.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

The winter season can be a demanding time of year for your electrical panel, especially with the use of heating systems and portable heaters. With a large emphasis on these kinds of devices, there is a strain on your system. Breaker trips and issues such as flickering lights are fairly common during this time of year.

Increasing the electrical power of your home’s circuit, a heavy up allows you to accommodate state-of-the-art appliances, home theater systems, and variety of other advanced technologies. Upgrade your home’s electrical system and experience the advantages of having a stronger current of electricity.

Power Outages and Home Testing

With the more extreme weather during this time of year, unprotected homes are prone to electrical outages. If you are able to conduct a thorough examination of your home’s electrical system, it would help to determine if your home is ready to withstand the harsh chill of winter. Make sure to pay attention to the following areas.

  • Annual Check of your home’s energy efficiency. Be aware of the phantom load (when a device continues to consume power when turned off but plugged in)
  • Generator Preparation: If you own a generator, it would be wise to check the condition of the unit to ensure that it will be functioning during winter, but ideally during the fall.
  • Outlets: Make sure to test your home’s power outlets. Consider installing a multimeter, which can check if an outlet is receiving sufficient power as well as checking if the wires are properly connected.

Out of Date Equipment

Old equipment can be problematic for your electrical system during the winter season. Dated space heaters, electric blankets, etc. are often incompatible with modern homes. Potentially causing an electrical fire, any older equipment or appliances present in your home must be checked regularly. Often used as a general guideline, if a heating appliance is older than five years it is outdated and may need to be replaced.

Space Heaters

Space heaters cause a large number of house fires if used excessively during the course of winter. They are not energy efficient and tend to consume a large amount of energy. Useful when trying to beat the cold, space heaters must be plugged into a dedicated outlet and they should be unplugged when not in use. If used correctly, space heaters can keep your home warm without over-consuming power or overheating.

Often accompanied by cold and precipitous weather, winter is a rough season for homes. Powering various heaters, appliances, etc., a home’s electrical system must be properly equipped for winter. Preparing for static electricity, tripped breakers, and a variety of other common electrical problems, a home’s electrical system might need upgrading or repair depending on its age and condition. Maintain a comfortable home throughout the winter season by avoiding common electrical issues.