Secure Your Home With A Ring Installation

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Why You Need to Replace Your Zinsco Panels ASAP

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Can a Homeowner Replace Electrical Panel?

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Is 100 Amp Service Enough?

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Solved! Safely Find Out What is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

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How to Calculate the Right Size Generator for Your Home

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New Construction Wiring Holmdel New Jersey | Wave Electric

Wave Electric was contacted by a homeowner to do a New Construction Wiring project in Holmdel New Jersey. The client’s home was destroyed in a fire a few months prior. As a result of the difficult situation, we made sure to provide a quick response time and various options for services and products based onRead More

7 Christmas Light Safety Considerations

With Thanksgiving over and more holidays around the corner, you may feel that it’s finally appropriate to start hanging decorations. For those who celebrate Christmas, that means lights around the tree, outdoors, and more. These lights can draw a significant amount of energy and pose a safety hazard if not properly installed. Here are someRead More

5 Reasons to Choose a Home Backup Generator Over a Home Battery Backup 

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What to Do When the Power Goes Out?

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