Why a Service Panel Upgrade Is Necessary

A home can experience many issues relating to electrical wiring because of an outdated electrical service panel. Flickering lights, unusual sounds coming from a fuse box, breakers constantly tripping, or smoke coming from outlets or burning smells are just some of the reasons why you might need a service panel upgrade.  One particular appliance thatRead More

Signs That Lead to an Electrical Emergency

A lot of people consider an electrical emergency as a power outage that prevents everyone from using their devices. For others, it’s a much more serious case. Electrical emergencies more have to do with outlets that emit burning odors or wires that have the potential to start a fire. Whichever you consider the latter, anRead More

When It’s Time For a Circuit Breaker Replacement

Replacing your circuit breaker can be an investment in protecting your home and avoiding damage to your appliances. If you ignore your circuit breaker and the warning signs associated with it, you will see a world of problems. This is including flickering lights, poor performance from appliances, damages to essential lights, potential smoke, fire andRead More

Understanding Your Electrical System and Its Features

There are many features to your home that you might not know about especially if you’re a new homeowner. It can feel like another job sometimes trying to keep up with your home’s appliances and making sure everything works in proper order. One of the things, however, that is so important to take care ofRead More

Questions to Ask Before an Electrical Safety Inspection

One thing that we can all agree on is when it comes to electricity for our home, it is going to be used all year round. Whether it is the winter or summer season, our electricity is always running. That is why it is important to bring an electrician in to conduct an electrical safetyRead More

Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting

If you wish to enjoy the winter season without unnecessary stress, electrical troubleshooting should be atop your to-do list. This time of year, homeowners may find themselves caught up in all the snow, but your home’s electrical needs should still remain a priority. Unfortunately, electrical problems won’t stop simply because we’re in a time knownRead More

Electrical Upgrades – Resolutions for the New Year – Wave Electric

Wave Electric is proud to provide high-quality electrical upgrades. It’s that time of year again. The gyms are getting less busy as we all begin reevaluating exactly how important our New Year’s Resolutions really are. Your New Year’s electrical upgrades, however, should not be taken lightly. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 50,000Read More

Knowing When You Should Replace Electrical Outlets

Knowing When You Should Replace Electrical Outlets Electrical outlets are one of the most important components of your home’s electrical system. However, if you want to keep the power flowing through your home for all of your appliances, you need to know when to replace electrical outlets. As a responsible homeowner, it is imperative thatRead More

5 Tips for Installing Whole Home Surge Protection

5 Tips for Installing Whole Home Surge Protection Whole home surge protection will save you from experiencing a power surge. Contrary to what some may think, a power surge is more than just flickering lights. Though they only last a few seconds, it can single-handedly bring major damage to your home’s most essential appliances, includingRead More