Signs Your Home Needs a Service Panel Upgrade

Your service panel is responsible for housing the multiple circuit breakers that distribute power through your home. Have you ever noticed some of the wires that connect from outside to your house? They all meet in your service panel. From there, the wires split off and are able to deliver electricity to the designated partsRead More

Spruce Up Your Home This Spring With Electrical Upgrades

Even though winter isn’t quite over, we look forward to the warmth of spring. At this point, it is not too late to consider updating your home’s exterior to give it a fresh look once spring comes around. It’s best to have the work done before the warm weather arrives so you are able toRead More

Common Electrical Problems You May Experience Before Winter Ends

While the winter brings much cold weather, it also brings the potential problems. Winter often brings freezing rain, sleet and snow causing issues. In some cases, these problems are not always electrical in nature. When maintaining your home, one of the main areas to monitor is its electrical system. Noticing issues before they become aRead More

Smoke Detector Maintenance to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

During the colder seasons, a lot of time is spent indoors. To truly enjoy the winter months, you have to make sure that your family, guests, and home are safe — and a crucial part of this is ensuring that your home’s smoke detector is in good working order. After all, most new smoke detectors makeRead More

Ten Common and Easy-to-Follow Electrical Safety Practices

Electrical safety practices should be known for most if not all the appliances inside your home that run on electricity. Almost 60% of all house fires are caused by an electrical malfunction, with firefighters responding to a yearly average of 45,000 house fires caused by an electrical failure or malfunction. Unfortunately, your house is fullRead More

Appliance Electrical Fires: Prevention & How to Prepare for Them

Appliance electrical fires can and do happen. Electrical failures are a common cause of house fires, and unfortunately, that means most of your appliances are susceptible to causing fires. From 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments have responded to a yearly average of 45,210 electrical home fires. These electrical fires result in an annual average of 420Read More

Illuminate your Home this Fall with Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades can make any home go from good to extravagant and it’s all because of a simple change in lighting! Fall is the ideal time to consider upgrading the lighting fixtures, both interior, and exterior. Here are a number of different lighting upgrades to choose from this fall. Some of these ideas may manageRead More

All About Outside Landscape Lighting

Outside Landscape lighting is great for brightening an outdoor living space during the evening and highlighting a visual masterpiece in landscaping. This type of lighting fulfills several purposes and has several benefits. Purposes of Outside Landscape Lighting Decoration and Visual Appeal Whether along the perimeter of a home of a business, well-designed and properly installedRead More

How to Know If You Need Rewiring Services

Rewiring is often overlooked as homes age. It’s likely that your home is at least 10-20 years old, which means you’re probably due for some serious home maintenance. When this happens, it’s understandable to groan out loud as you mentally list bill after bill, and where to begin? Does my home need new insulation? Is thereRead More

Is Your Federal Pacific Panel Safe?

Consider everything in your home that runs on electricity: the lights, computers, televisions, chargers, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dryers, heat, hot water, and any number of other items you use on a daily basis. Each of these devices is powered by an electrical panel, the hub of your entire home’s electrical workings. An electricityRead More