Your Home Needs a Change: 7 Electrical Upgrades to Consider This Fall

If you are beginning to feel your home’s electrical system is not working up to par, it is time to consider electrical upgrades from Wave Electric Co. Not upgrading your home’s electrical system may result in problems with safety hazards, carbon monoxide emissions, or simply not enough electrical power. Fall can be a wonderful time of the year, but it may not be so great when you are constantly dealing with problems stemming from outdated electrical features. Plus, when you factor in the risk of electrocution and residential fires, it will be hard relaxing in your home at all this season knowing your family is not fully protected.

Wave Electric Co. is here to provide you with electrical upgrades this season that will be perfect, no matter your living situation this fall. Upgrading your electrical system is essential if you recently moved into a home where you are unsure of its electrical safety. However, it will also prove useful in older homes, especially when keeping outdated electrical features will prove hazardous. It may even come down to you just wanting to make improvements in your home’s aesthetic. Regardless, you can count on our team of licensed electricians to be there for you at any time. We can provide you with upgrades that will make your home look and feel brand new!

The 7 Electrical Upgrades to Improve Your Home

Making changes to your home’s electrical system can bring so many benefits including improved property resale value and lower costs on energy bills. However, what do you upgrade? While there are many different changes you can make, our team of electricians would highly recommend you consider any of these 7 upgrades:

  1. Smoke Detection: Getting woken up in the middle of the night by the loud screech of a smoke detector may disrupt your sleep, but you cannot deny it is important in keeping you safe. You need detection that will alarm you of even the slightest traces of smoke so your family remains safe and sound at any time of day. A working smoke detector is especially needed if you plan on turning on the furnace or light up the fireplace later in the season, which will see a higher risk of smoke. The team at Wave Electric Co. can also provide you with smoke detection equipped lithium batteries designed to last you well over 10 years so you do not have to go through the hassle of replacing them.
  2. Exterior Lighting: Did you know the FBI reports a home in the United States is broken into every 15 seconds? It is an alarming statistic, but it can be avoided thanks to exterior lighting upgrades that you’re your home protected. Motion sensor lighting in particular do an effective job in ensuring intruders will not have many places to hide on your property. Outdoor safety lighting will also provide you with a clear pathway for escape in the event you need to evacuate your home.
  3. Interior Lighting: Lighting in the interior of your home needs to strike the right balance between comfort and efficiency, especially when you consider how much you use rooms like kitchens and bathrooms on a daily basis. Lighting upgrades here may include new lights for bathroom mirrors, showers, cabinets, and even chandeliers for your home’s welcoming area. If you notice lighting in your home is flickering or costing you too much on bills, this fall will be the perfect time to upgrade with lighting that will provide high-quality performance without any additional energy costs.
  4. Outlet & Switch Replacement: If you are still living 40 or 50 years in the past, your home may be equipped with two-prong outlets that are now unsafe and outdated to handle any of your modern electrical needs in 2016. This will result in power loss and several calls to your local electrician. They will need to be replaced with reliable, three-prong outlets instead. Similarly, if you have outlets & switches that appear significantly damaged, they need to be replace immediately to avoid any further hazards.
  5. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can provide you with unprecedented life-saving benefits. It is equipped with a built-in circuit breaker that will quickly cut off power when it senses a stark contrast between input and output current. If not stopped in time, this can result in you experiencing electrocution once you come into contact with an outlet, potentially resulting in tissue damage. A GFCI outlet should be installed in places like bathrooms and garages where water can mix with electricity, thus creating a space riddled with safety hazards.
  6. Electrical Service Panel Upgrade: Though an electrical service panel can last a long time and provide high-quality electricity for lights and appliances, it may be outdated and in need of upgrading. It is responsible for distributing energy to each of your most essential appliances. But once it stops operating you will experience a wide range of issues ranging from flickering lights to serious fire hazards. Though you may not need panel upgrades too often, it is something to consider this season if you sense your own panel is outdated.
  7. Home Surge Protection: With electrical power running through your walls, a home surge protector allows only for a safe amount of energy to go to your appliances, lights, and electrical devices. Otherwise, it may result in power surges that will cut off energy flow altogether. Surge protection will keep the risk of this possibility to a low, so you can spend less money on appliance replacement and enjoy high-quality electrical power without worrying when it will unexpectedly shut off.

As you can tell, many of these upgrades improve two major areas of home life—safety and convenience. No matter if it is panel upgrades or improvements made to exterior lighting, our services will help make life in your home easier. You can spend the fall with a better peace of mind, knowing your family is being kept safe and comfortable throughout the season.

Contact Wave Electric today for high-quality electrical upgrades designed to change your home’s electrical system for the better this fall!