Spruce Up Your Home This Spring With Electrical Upgrades

Home with Outdoor Lighting

Even though winter isn’t quite over, we look forward to the warmth of spring. At this point, it is not too late to consider updating your home’s exterior to give it a fresh look once spring comes around. It’s best to have the work done before the warm weather arrives so you are able to enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family. Consider the following home improvement ideas to make your home shine during the spring season!

Additional Lighting to Your Patio Area

Have some outdoor lighting installed on your patio and/or garden. The days may be getting longer but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to head back inside when the sun does go down, so add a few lights and stay out as late as you’d like. You can opt for subtle, softer lights to illuminate your walking path or go for more eye-popping, party lights. The styles, designs and functionality options are endless!

Additional Outlets

You should consider having outdoor outlets installed. Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades available. Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a weatherproof outlet in reach every time you wanted to plug in an appliance, radio, etc. And outdoor outlets aren’t just handy for spring, you’ll also be happy to have them when the holiday season rolls around and you don’t have to run ugly, heavy extension cords all over the place.

Spotlights and Landscape Lighting

Spotlights work very well for illuminating various areas around your home. Do you need to grill in the dark or let your dogs out at night? A spotlight can be mounted anywhere, and will allow you to see clearly.  They can even be focused on your home itself for added curb appeal. Landscape lighting illuminates outdoor features of your property, like a garden or fountain. Both spotlights and landscape lighting add safety value to your home as well.

Path Lighting

Path lighting can help you in many ways! Have you ever gotten out of your car at night and had trouble finding the path to your home? With path lighting, you will easily be able to find your way. It adds safety by reducing the chances of tripping and falling as well. Add safety and curb appeal with these fixtures today!

Various Upgrades to Your Exterior

Line your walkway with hanging electrical lanterns. Just imagine your lush garden lined with beautiful lanterns, all lit up on a lovely spring night. There are thousands of designs and style outdoor lanterns you can choose from. Plus, once you have lanterns professionally installed, they are fairly easy to maintain and if you choose the right type of long-lasting light bulbs you won’t have to worry about constantly changing burnt bulbs.

If hanging lanterns aren’t the kind of outdoor electrical upgrades you’re looking for, try lining your walkway with accent lights. Accent lights can either be embedded in the ground or above ground with lights that almost look like little lamps, stuck in the ground. Both options offer unlimited possibilities for style and design so you can choose the best option to fit your personal style. Many people like to opt for the in-ground lighting option because this option makes lawn maintenance easier.

When you hear string lights, you probably think Christmas lights, but string lights offer so much more possibilities than that! Just imagine relaxing on your porch or garden at night, with a beautiful display of string lights hanging overhead.

Benefits of Working With Wave Electric

Wave Electric can transform the exterior of your home with electrical upgrades. When you work with us, you have access to the following benefits:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the electrical field
  • Up-front pricing
  • Fully trained and insured technicians
  • Lifetime guarantee of all Wave technician work

Don’t wait until summer to upgrade your outdoor lighting and electrical fixtures. Call Wave Electric today!