5 Home Electrical Safety Tips To Teach Your Children


Having a little one running around the house can be a handful, especially since most young children are curious. This curiosity often can get them into trouble, but when it comes to electricity, it can be downright dangerous. That is why it is so important to teach your kids about home electrical safety tips in order to avoid unfortunate accidents. 

5 Home Electrical Safety Tips

1. Keep fingers and objects out of outlets

Electrical outlets carry an active electrical current that could shock and injure anyone who sticks a finger or object that would conduct electricity. These behaviors can also pose a fire hazard to your home, especially if something breaks off in the outlet. 

2. Keep electrical toys and appliances away from water

Water conducts electricity and doesn’t play nicely with the electrical circuitry within many battery-operated toys and corded appliances. Contact with water can cause electrical shock and also pose a fire hazard. 

3. Avoid unplugging toys and appliances from the cord

Unplugging toys and appliances by the cord can not only damage the cord, but it can damage the outlet as well. Either way, neither is safe for your home or children.

4. Avoid using damaged cords

Damaged cords are more susceptible to contact with water as well as overheating, sparking, and posing a much larger risk to your home.

5. Avoid playing with toys or climbing trees near power lines

Power lines carry incredible amounts of electricity and should be avoided when playing with toys or climbing trees. This includes flying kites, and drones, throwing things on or over them, and much more.

Your home should be a safe place for your family and children to occupy, so teaching them about the dangers and appropriate home electrical safety tips can help keep your home a safe space for everyone to exist. That being said, if you need any electrical services, be sure to call Wave Electric Company today, and check out our wonderful reviews!