3 Types of Outdoor Lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ to Consider for Your Home

Outdoor safety lighting being installed by a professional

Outdoor lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ isn’t just about making your home look pretty (although, hey, it certainly can). It’s also about making your home a safer place to live. Have you ever passed by a home without any outdoor lighting? Even if it were an otherwise cozy place to live, it doesn’t exactly give off a warm impression when there’s no lights out front to let you know anyone’s home. In addition, a home without outdoor lighting is far more likely to experience break-ins from intruders. Do you really want to risk such a security threat?

Of course not, and that’s why you should call Wave Electric Co. to install amazing outdoor lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ for your property. We have a vast selection of lighting options designed to make your property shine brighter and wow any passerby. Our lighting will give new life to often overlooked features of your home’s exterior. Plus, with lighting that can detect intruders, you can relax in your home so much more knowing your family is kept safe.

Outdoor Lighting in Tinton Fall, NJ: What Should You Install?

There are many different lighting options available for homes of all styles but if we have any say, we generally recommend you install:

  1. Driveway/Pathway Lighting: Driveway or pathway lighting will provide you with a safe, clear path to leave or enter your home at night. You will immediately feel welcomed home by comforting lighting or have some guiding light in the event you need to leave your home in the evening. It also contributes in giving new dimension to your home’s exterior, providing light on areas that otherwise go unnoticed.
  2. Motion Sensor Lights: Motion sensor lights do exactly what they say they do—turn on immediately after detecting motion. Any unwelcome houseguests will be put on notice thanks to its quick detection, and they can even shine on hiding places like shrubbery. In addition, due to improved safety, you also see greater resale value for your home. It can play a huge role in making your home a positive investment that pique the interest of any potential buyer.
  3. Spotlights: Our selection of spotlights provide the perfect mix of safety and aesthetic. Spotlights will aim light toward particular areas of your property to enhance your home’s exterior. In addition, any potential intruders will have a more difficult time finding areas to hide, especially when a spotlight’s range is far and wide.

If any these features sounds appealing to you, contact Wave Electric today if you need outdoor lighting in Tinton Falls, NJ that will ensure your property reaches new height!